Scientologists do it too

You know, with all the sex scandals within the Catholic Church, we sometimes forget there are plenty of other religious organizations who have a similar disregard for the wellbeing of their congregation. The latest incident involves the Church of Scientology, where a senior member of their Australian branch is accused of trying to intimidate an 11 year old girl into providing a false statement regarding her step father’s abuse.

Ms Rainer has alleged that Ms Eastgate, who was then head of the church’s citizens’ commission on human rights in Australia, told her she should deny any charges of the sexual abuse or she and her brother would be taken away by social services.

Ms Rainer’s mother Phoebe has also admitted Ms Eastgate told both of them what to say and to lie to police and in an interview with the Department of Community Services. Ms Eastgate previously called the allegations “egregiously false”.

What’s the easiest way to coerce one of your flock? Just use your stupid nonsense against them!

Ms Rainer had previously said that she was told by senior Scientology members that abuse was punishment for being bad in a previous life.

“She said, ‘Just say no, keep repeating that’,” Ms Rainer told the ABC in an interview last year.

“They told me it was my fault because I’d been bad in a past life. I believed them.”

Man, people who spew bullshit for a living sure have a wealth of techniques to get their sheep to fall into line, don’t they? How often do you think this, or some other similar lie, compelled a victim to remain silent in the face of abuse?

Hilariously enough, Jan Eastgate had recently been the recipient of a humanitarian award by her own sinister organization, proving just how dedicated these clowns are the the “betterment” of mankind.

In response to these allegations, a senior government official by the name of Nick Xenophon (yes, that’s a real name) is calling for the Church to lose their tax exempt status. Now if only we could do the same thing for the Catholic Church and every other institution that tries to cover up sexual abuse, then we’d be cookin’!

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