Muslim Creationist gets schooled

This, my friends, is stupidity: the inability to even understand the arguments of others. I mean, how could anyone reading any of Richard Dawkin’s books think he was in favor of design? It’s obvious here the gentleman asking the question has a world view precluding him from properly understanding natural selection. Failing to grasp how this evolutionary pressure morphs and changes organisms in order for them to adapt to their environment, and focusing instead on the “chance” portion of the process, is a classic symptom of religious indoctrination.

As far as religions are concerned, our existence is the product of the creative force of something worth venerating. Evolution says otherwise. The creative force is merely a chain of self-replicating amino acids that occasionally mutate, giving some a better chance to continue their duplication. What powers this process isn’t some bearded man in the sky, but rather the simple forces of physics acting on one another. How anyone can continue to believe in a God after understanding this simple idea is beyond me. It asks the impossible: to abandon one’s intellectual integrity in exchange for easy answers and a promise of eternal boredom.

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