The trial of Geert Wilders

If you aren’t from the Netherlands, odds are you’ve never heard of Geert Wilders. In the fight against sectarian ideologies, Wilders is a bit of a wild card. While I applaud his efforts to combat the rising tide of irrationality and superstition in his country, this “champion of free speech” is the same man who wanted to ban the Koran. Let’s just say he’s a hard man to love.

He’s currently on trial for inciting hatred and discrimination against the Muslim religion and Moroccan immigrants. The judges overhearing his cases refused to allow Geert 15 of his 18 witnesses (which included the man who murdered Theo Van Gogh), arguing that fundamentalists would not adequately represent the religion.

Yeah, that sounds like a fucking fair trial to me. Be sure not to include anyone that actually takes their religion too seriously, otherwise you might frighten people!

I may not agree with everything that man has to say, but I can spot a bullshit trial when I see one. Hey, is anyone holding the fundamentalists accountable for inciting hatred of non-believers, honor killings, violence against women, and the host of other barbarities associated with this primitive faith? Why are the Dutch so afraid of someone speaking his mind?

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    Joe Dixon

    Wild card is one word for it. I can’t speak about the trial. It might very well be BS. But I can say this, this man’s “efforts to combat the rising tide of irrationality and superstition” seems to stop short of anything having to do with Israel and Judaism. Now, when I last checked, Judaism was no more real than Islam is. And while many would claim that Judaism isn’t as violent those same people don’t live in occupied territory, have suffered under collective punishment or had a Delilah missile dropped on their family. Not sure how (as Geert does) one can profess a doubt about the existence of deity, yet support something called a Jewish state. I know, I know. It’s a democracy. A democracy where the correct religious status gets you citizenship and where the state will pay if you want to study the Torah and not work. Interesting type of democracy.

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    The problem, and it is darkly humorous, is that the reason a great many people *believe* that ‘Judaism’ is not a threat is because, comparatively, it’s ‘threat factor’ is not as it once was. Don’t think for one nanosecond that the scourge upon the earth, at one point in time, wasn’t Judaism (pre-Christianity). Neo-Judaism (Christianity [both C and P] and Islam]) have been scorching the earth for quite a long time. They seem to be taking turns. Religion has only proved one thing since its inception: it ultimately leads to little good, less good, or no good, especially compared to free-thinking societies. Isn’t it clear that ‘free-thinking’ is the enemy of religion? The ‘old testament’ specifically attacks the notion of progress beyond itself. But this is exactly what a devil would do if it wanted to exploit you, wouldn’t it?

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    He is no saint… But he is being given a mock trial.

    I really hope people start seeing the emperor has no suit.

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