TGA Podcast: Episode 136 1/2

This week we have an extra long show (clocking in at over 2 hours) to make up for the fact that this week I’ll be taking a bit of a break as Carisa and I put the finishing touches on Light and Motion, Western Canada’s Prop and Circus Arts Festival. I’ll be doing the catering at the event, so posting and shows will be a little light this week.

My special guest this week is Chris Tenz, who helped to score the episode and even worked on the silly intro with me. He’ll be continuing to help make TGA’s podcast better and better. Enjoy!

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    So how many hotdogs have you allotted for?

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    For Chris; it sounds like you EX may have had borderline personality disorder. If you want you can read more here:

    Do you think you old church exaggerated those traits or that it just attracts those types?

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    Dale Cope

    That was an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. I think I will have to send this one out to everyone I know. Hopefully some will take the time to listen.

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    Thomas Prentis

    Amazing podcast, one of my favourite episodes in a long time and especially I have to commend the length – you need time to talk about these things and go through all the tangents, etc. Actually this is one of the things I just love is sitting down with someone and just talking about your/their problems/history/experience for hours.

    I don’t think I could help Chris out with living in the UK, I have relatives there but we’re not in touch much and they’re not the kind of people I’d recommend someone to. Also I now get to meet Chris, as he offered, yey! Oh I live in the Czech Republic. DANG!

    Plus music was great, gave the whole thing a nice vibe despite being a bit unconventional (by that I mean confusing – you don’t know what to expect next in the tune).

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    Alex Rzewuski

    Great show

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    I just want to say thanks to Chris for sharing his story. It’s difficult for me to imagine going through any of that, and I appreciate the perspective of someone who has, and has come out of it strong.

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    Ryan Holzem

    Great show. One of my favorite. “I would have kicked her right in the vagina.”

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    Jason Bower

    One of my favorite episodes thus far.

    This story is very moving, I love delving into someones outlook after they have gone through something like this. All the talk about our future selves looking back on us now really got my wheels turning.

    But for the love of christ… (no pun intended)
    I cannot find any of Chris’ music to download… I tried facebook, myspace, even his website. Maybe i’m just an idiot. I would love to find out where we can get some of this music.

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    Dustin Rogers

    great show/great content

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    Carisa Hendrix

    hey everyone, this is chris tenz using carisa’s account… (i shall register promptly…)
    many, many thanks for the kind words and the interest. i would love to speak with anyone regarding any questions (sorry it has taken me a few days)… this next week i would love to continue any discussion.
    music is a little scattered at the moment, but there’s some info on my half built website (as well as some links… but please e mail me for updates) at (e mail:
    thanks again for the support! and thank you again jacob for having me!

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    Guys, I’ve already been more than happy with the content I’ve gotten as a paid member, but I can honestly say this story alone has made it worth it. It went so far beyond just talking about our atheism. There were so many little “in between” comments that touched a chord with me. When Jacob talked about not playing the game of life and being what society expects of you and when Chris said that financial security is an illusion; these are things I’ve thought about for some time and it was amazing to hear someone else voice them. Jacob, you are right. There is a need for a community. Excellent work, guys. Truly.

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    Joseph Scott

    Great story Chris, thanks for finding the courage to share such private, life shaping moments. I’ve pretty much used music to get through rough patches to. Even though I usually play metal, I still find it theraputic. And I’m glad you didn’t edit out the bong hits, it added to an overall excellent podcast.

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    Jason Crichton

    This was an extremely well done bonus show. The audio was pretty quiet so it was hard to listen to while on my motorbike like I normally do but it was excellent content wise. I see Jacobs point in developing community as well and hope to meet you and shake your hand at some point in the future for putting yourself out like that. As I’m moving to Edmonton at the end of the month with any luck I will be able to attend a pub night sometime and say hello.

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    Jessica Bluemke

    I know I am a little late to the show, but I just finished listening and was just riveted the entire time. I’m so impressed by how truthful and objective Chris could be about his own story without being cold and removed. That was really inspiring to listen to.
    Thanks Chris!

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