Muslim men jailed for religiously motivated attack

Gary Smith was a friendly and popular religion teacher with a promising career, until four thugs, incensed by their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, decided to beat him to within an inch of his life to teach him a “lesson” for educating women about their nonsense religion.

Gary Smith, 38, was beaten as he walked to Central Foundation Girls’ School in Bow, east London, last July.

The gang left him unconscious after attacking him with a metal rod and a brick, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The attackers, Azad Hussain, Akmol Hussein, Sheikh Rashid, and Simon Alam were each given a mandatory 5 year jail sentence for the attack. The Judge was also quick to reprimand these psychos for having been motivated by religious dogma, believing (not unreasonably) that they would continue their life of crime if they continued down this path.

The court heard how the men were only caught because Hussein’s car was being bugged on an unrelated matter.

Normally I might be a little freaked out at the idea of citizens being “bugged”, but it looks as though this was the right call with these psychos. If you read the amount of emotional and physical trauma the victim had to go through, you realize these guys weren’t fucking around. Turns out they were terrorism suspects, and considering the fact they were willing to attack an innocent man guilty only of educating young women, that doesn’t seem too far fetched.

The Security Service had placed a listening device in a car driven by one of the men as part of an investigation into a suspected terrorist network in East London, sources told the Daily Telegraph.

Evidently these morons have a problem living in a society where women are treated as equals. Luckily for them, they’ll be in an environment of only men now. Wonder how that’ll work out…

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    I predict, they will be come the women in jail.

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    It’s very difficult not to relish the thought of their punishment. I can just about manage to make it a hope for their rehabilitation from their mental illness of a faith…pounding some sense into them, you might say.

    But then I realise that probably counts as me briefly supporting a form of corrective rape, and I have to go and be sick. All the same, the last thing that’s likely to happen is them suffering because of their faith if the prison staff can help it – they just have to mention they’re upset at something because of their religion, and it’s more than likely the staff will bend over backwards to make them feel better.

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    we don’t have as much if any insitutionalised rape in UK jails as you guys seem to in the US. Not sure why …

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    Our jails are luxury spas compared to US ones.

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