TGA Podcast: Episode 136

This week, more on Harold Camping and his revised ‘Rapture’ date, why we’re all insignificant, and we tease people with the possibility of us going to The Amazing Meeting. Don’t miss out!

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    andre smith

    These people are nuts, their entire religion is based on WANTING the world to end. Sure, I’d like Walmart not to be as crowded as the next man, but come on? Why hasn’t anyone come up with a life philosophy for nothing but a life of orgasms? Hmm, we could call it HustlerHefnerism..

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    Jacob Fortin

    Yes, it was short. Did you all forget shows used to be 30 minutes? It’s not always easy filling up huge time slots!

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    I for one am happy to have a shorter show every once in a while. I only really have time to listen to podcasts during my 30 minute lunch hour each day, by the time I get past the long food lines and pay for it I’m down to 20 minutes.

    With only 20 minutes a day it takes me about three days to listen to a show. Throw in Dan Savage once a week, another hour, and its not at all uncommon for a show I’ve started listening to this week to be finished next week and by then the next show has already come out! As it is I’ve only just listened to Podcast 130 today!

    In some way, for me at least, the longer shows make it harder to share my thoughts on them because by the time I hear them several weeks have passed and we’re already on to the next topic.

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