Richard Dawkins versus creationist politician

When Richard confronts Steve about his young earth creationist views, watch him continually squirm to avoid providing a straight answer. He uses the “everyone will come to their own conclusion” argument, which is essentially saying nothing. Lots of people have “made up their minds” that the Universe was created around the time that we invented agriculture.

As for the creationist Prime Minister, he was talking about Kevin Rudd. He has since been replaced by an atheist. Awesome.

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    Oh sweet Jesus.

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    This right here made my day.

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    Senator Steve is Australia’s doppleganger for US House Representative Jack Kingston. Happy go lucky a-hyuk-hyuk “I dunno I let people make choices!” Absolutely vacuous sod while apologizing for rank stupidity. Scientific discovery isn’t up for opinion. Findings are findings.

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    Rudd is a creationist but was also a much better PM than Gillard. Not awesome.

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    Well, personally, I think it’s a good thing that these creationist sorts are starting to be embarrassed by their silly, unprovable beliefs…makes me think we’re making some headway.

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    Yes, our PM is an atheist, but she’s a butt kissing one.

    She’s still introducing laws and reforms that play into the hands of Christian lobbies like handing out $222mil to help increase the amount of chaplains in high schools instead of professionally trained counsellors and psychologists.

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    I love that everyone is laughing at this douchebag. That’s the best response.

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    Just because Gillard is an atheist, it doesn’t necessarily make her a good PM.

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