Harold Camping still in shock over dumb prediction

Well, for the cynics out there that thought Harold was just trying to bilk people out of their money, I think you can see from his expression that he really did believe in his own nonsense. That’s what makes people like Harold so dangerous! The best way to lie to others is to first lie to yourself! If Harold really wants to understand what’s going on, he’ll need to understand the Bible is just fairy tale bullshit that has no bearing on reality, and is clearly for a different time in our history as a species. It’s cruel, capricious and violent God is better suited for the Bronze Age than the Age of Reason.

What Camping doesn’t realize is the externalities of his own beliefs. The fear and anxiety he created with his May 21st idiocy cannot easily be measured, and let’s not forget the financial devastation he brought on to his followers as well. It’s probably all too much for a broken old man to fathom.

Are you done, Harold? Can we count your second failed attempt to predict the “End times” to be your last?

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