Rapture Day roundup

There’re quite a few things happening this Saturday. As most of you know, that’s the supposed “day of Rapture”, a time when a number of Christians look forward to the destruction of the Earth, and the death of all living creatures, both human and animal (except 144,000 Jewish virgins). Some clever atheists have decided to capitalize on all this foolishness to once again prove that nutjobs will continue to make false predictions for as long as there are nutjobs. Here are some notable events:

The Seatle Atheists are having a fundraising event. Proceeds go to “Camp Quest”
Rock Beyond Belief is holding a Telethon to raise money for their legal fund.
– A Rapture Party by “Think Atheist

If I’m missing anything, please let me know and I’ll update the list. Have fun everyone, and I’ll see you in Hell!

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