It’s not always funny…

We make light of these kinds of things, but it’s important to remember why we fight against this type of superstitious nonsense.

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    Another good opportunity to remind people of this:

    So what’s the harm in believing the world will end? Well, the news segment above is one of the darker possibilities, but even the people draining their savings and ruining their careers for the coming “judgement day” are bad enough, since several such reported instances include families with children. Even if Camping’s monied stupidity only affected a few people of his own church, it’s a tragedy, and obviously the build up he has stoked through the media has magnified things.

    On a side note, when, exactly, does the statute of limitations run out on blaming the turmoil in the Middle East for one’s suicidal tendencies? And why is it that proximity is apparently a non-factor in “the world ending”? Seriously: The quake in Japan, and turmoil in the ME, two things that are 15,000 miles away from this circus freak of a parent, are what drives her to kill herself and young children? Not something a touch more local?

    Any chance this woman will get a reduced sentence because of her insane beliefs?

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