The End is coming!

Look at how many billboards, graphics and signs that are going to still be around when the Rapture doesn’t come. So, my challenge to anyone out there is to find me some of that promotional material as soon as they start tossing it out. Hey, they’ve created some thousands of items of promotional material based on the retarded math of an already failed prophet; we have to keep this stuff as evidence of just how stupid this kind of shit really is.

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    Michael Beares

    If I see any of that crap on the 22nd I’ll send it to you, but I’m lucky the fundies in my area aren’t may 21sters. The most important thing about that day is its when a new guy fills an empty position on my team at work, oddly he does have a sweet beard maybe just maybe…

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    Jorshuar Higginson

    2 more days until I either burn in hell, or have one of the biggest lulz I may just have in the history of my lifetime so far.

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    Will they just look for another date or will they finally realise this judgement day each 2 year is absurd?

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    You guys over the pond have all the fun. I don’t know of any fundies in the UK who are into this particular brand of nincompoopery.

    I look forward to the excuses and nonsense these dim-witted twats will come out with on May 22nd:
    “Oh, God days are different to Human days…”
    “He works in mysterious ways…”
    “You need to have FAITH to understand how this works…”
    “Rapture? Don’t know what you’re talking about. You must have me confused with someone else…”


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    Made my judgement shelter today. Gosh – I hope it works.

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    So.. does it start at a certain time?
    What time zone are they using? and have they taken daylight savings into account?????

    I don’t want to oversleep and miss my chance at eternal bliss…

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    We should all have t-shirts that say…

    MAY 21RST

    Even if I go to hell, at least I’ll be with like minded people.

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    Really, this event proves nothing. A a small cult of a particular denomination of Protestant Christianity will be wrong in a couple of days. The vast majority of ‘mainstream’ Protestant Christians aren’t taking these nutters seriously. And the Catholics are certainly not; after all, the Pope hasn’t decreed it! And every other religion thinks what they’ve always thought… they’re the TRUE RELIGION. So, again, this event proves not a thing. We’ve always known that like finds like. I think there’s a silver lining, however. Should just a single person realize, that from this event, in their assumed true belief of this, they might discover that perhaps there are many other issues with that which they believe is truth, then there has been success. And I do not wish any harm on these people. Four white walls, maybe. But no physical harm, and as little mental stress as is necessary.

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    Isn’t there something in the bible that states that if someone states a date for end of the world and is proved wrong then they should be stoned to death? This guy’s already been wrong once, just saying…

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    Jorshuar Higginson

    @ Darkpaw, I saw some. Sadly, England is plagued too.

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