Creationist Pimp Harun Yahya is back

Remember Harun Yahya? He’s the Turkish creationist that published a book called “The Atlas of Creation”, his attempt to “prove” that animals were created spontaneously by his personal God. Most of the pictures in this massive 768 page monstrosity are ripped right off the Internet. One picture of a fly is in fact a metal lure. Yes, he’s that fucking incompetent.

Harun Yahya is the pseudonym of Adnan Oktar, 55, a preacher who keeps secret the sources of the ample funds that allow him and a group of followers to produce hundreds of thousands of slick and simple books on Islam under his pen name.

Harun has a following of young, wealthy religious aristocrats that fund his various schemes. He keeps them in line by filming them having sex with his various private prostitutes, and in exchange for their silence, they fund his various enterprises. Although he claims to have written a dozen books, all have been found to be ghost written, and he’s clearly authored none of them. He’s an opportunist, interested in the money, fame and power that comes from “defending the faith”.

Koran-based creationist views are traditional in the Muslim world. Advised by U.S. creationists, Harun Yahya has developed a series of books that have helped spread this view in recent years beyond the Middle East, including to France, whose five million Muslims make up Europe’s largest Islamic minority.

Right now, he’s on tour in Europe trying to “teach” students how to challenge evolution, which he believes is science’s way of promoting atheism. Is it our fault that evolution by means of natural selection does more to explain our existence than a 7th century book of mythology?

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    final graph: change “…science’s was of promoting atheism.” to “…science’s way of promoting atheism.”

    use a friend to proof your work or use a spellcheck. good site(s), but my pet peeve is published errors. if you are going to write, make sure it’s right.


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    Rather funny, you quote, cite, accuse, slander, etc…. without any sources. a bit pathetic dont you think? lets see if i can do the same:
    After doing some research, i can tell you that everybody agree:
    “ website is run by zionist idiots, pimps, and drug dealer whom the only aim is to scam you”

    You see, very easy to wack some quotation marks and talk shit.

    Do yourselft a favor: put your sources and strong references when you make a claim, it will make you look slightly more professional.


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    i believe u havent really read the theory of evolution yourself thoroughly. if u would just read it sitting in this day and age u will see the loop holes ureself. i havent read haroon yahya’s book but i am a genetic researcher myself and i can SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE it to u that no permanent traits of an individual can alter and transfer to the next generation as suggested by darwin in his theory. no scientific workup has followed the theory of evolution and proved it right. the only thing that this theory relied on was observation based on the skeletal makeup – biometry and osteology. both are obsolete since new sciences like genetics, molecular biology have taken over and provide a more accurate amount of proof and information. if u correlate both regarding the theory of evoloution u would realize that ITS IMPOSSIBLE for such a thing to happen.

    but u seem clearly like the person who has a viel on his eyes and ears and are not willing to see the truth. yet brother i fulfill my duty to inform u that GOD DOES EXSIST and u dont have to look much further, just look inside and around u. it will all make sense if u put God in the equation. haroon yahya is good or bad doesnt make a difference, but ure belief would make a huge difference after u die. so remember me as the one who warned u. and do try to correct ure belief atleast internally.
    best of luck
    Dr,Sonia Mohsin.

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