Hawking doesn’t mince words

I find it hard to argue with anything Stephen Hawking has to say. It’s not just that he’s brilliant (few would deny this); he’s also witty and humorous, and we’re in almost complete agreement when it comes to the supernatural. A few days ago the Huffington Post put up a story about him denying the existence of heaven, and reading the  rebuttals of religiously inspired dummies was depressing to say the least. Allow me to include my favorite boneheaded comments:

I feel for Stephen Hawking, not because he’s paralyzed, but because he has missed the most important aspect of life…..l­ove. He has mastered the analytical mind and has been lauded as the most brilliant man alive, but he is not the last word about the afterlife. He is not privy to that knowledge because it can only be accessible to those with an open mind and an open heart. Has Stephen ever dared to fall in love? I don’t know, but I imagine not. I can only imagine a concrete wall around his heart preventing any microbe of love to ever come near. It would not only destroy him, but all he has striven to prove with his analytical mind. Stephen, you will enter heaven on earth the minute you surrender to your destructio­n. I promise.

Um, he had a wife and he has children, whom he loves very much, you fucking ignoramus. Feeling the emotion of love has nothing to do with the fairytale bullshit you believe in. Honestly if you think believing in nonsense is the only way to be a good person, you are a moron, no bones about it.

oh Mr. Hawking, ye of little faith…gu­ess we won’t be shooting the breeze in heaven.

What a shame. I bet he would have loved to talk to you…

Now, heaven may say, “There is no Hawking”

I’m sure he’s fucking terrified.

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    Death is a scary thing and I understand people wishing there was something after it – I really can – but wishing something to be true doesn’t make it so. I really think that the denial of an afterlife is the major “oh shit, none of this crap is real!” moment in the journey from theism to atheism.

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    I dont get it. Seriously. One of the big comforts atheism brought me is that death is the end. After my death I will not exist.

    The idea that my grandparents are in a celestial petting zoo waiting for me to die horrifies me. Why would I want that? Why would that be comforting rather than demeaning and dehumanising?

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    Aw, that poor guy. Chug on, you Little Engine That Should…

    “iwantymyprize..iwantmyprize..iwantmyprize…woo! woo!”

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    That comment was TOTALLY supposed to go somewhere else.

    Sorry… I’ll inch away quietly now.

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    One thing I find amazing about religious nuts is how they look at the afterlife. If its so great, why don’t they off themselves?

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    Michael Beares

    ” Now, heaven may say, “There is no Hawking” ” Actually that would be false and a lie on the part of heaven so that person is a dipshit for being stupid and religious.

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    If anyone ever tries casting a death bed conversion for S. Hawking, we have that recording as object evidence against it. Here, Hawking, using some of the greatest advances of science to break through his very crippled form, puts the finger to history’s greatest, most extensive and pervasive lie, unequivocally, and in no uncertain terms. He didn’t hem and haw through that electronic voice; he didn’t invoke some version of non-overlapping magisterium; he didn’t dodge. Religion as an idea just hit a 6 foot-thick iron wall.

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