Kelowna atheist bus ads get stolen

So, even though we expected this kind of juvenile behavior from some of our neighbors down south, Kelwona BC has the distinction of not only being the first city to have atheist ads stolen; they also failed to report the theft, so there’s no way to know when it actually disappeared. All in all, it’s pretty fucked up.

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    This guy is being whinge-y and has lost all of my sympathy.

    STFU and replace the ads. The leader of the CFI, someone who should be a champion of secular values comes across as annoying and naive.

    Why is the City of Kelowna involved? The buses are operated by BC Transit and the ads are placed by Lamar.

    Kelowna is extremely religious. The hospital is picketed on days they perform abortions. There’s churches and every other religious structure everywhere. They’re all over the place. There’s a pro-life thrift shop. I remember having to pray in elementary school. It was a public school. There’s an anti-abortion (anti-choice) billboard in Westbank that used to regularly be vandalized. A statue with a penis in Penticton was vandalized so frequently the city removed it. The place is run by old people.

    This guy is the victim of indifference. He needs to try harder next time. Be prepared. What he’s advertising is controversial and in Kelowna, there are people who will be criminal about it. Vandalism or theft should have been expected, and now that he knows he either won’t get help (or lacks the capability to incite others to help) learn your lessons and try again.

    But don’t go filming an investigation while trespassing on private property, without safety gear to film an expose and then ask a bunch of bumbling questions while your jacket sits on the road. Get the news out there instead. There’s the local television station, the CBC and about ten different radio stations. These people can ask questions and look and sound good at the same time.

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