TGA Podcast: Episode 134 1/2

This week, we Ryan joins me as we discuss natural disasters, Tennessee’s scary politics, and why Ryan was sick and tired of hearing about Moses.

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    Jeffrey Jones

    lol, i thought i was doing the bonus podcast 😛

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    You should do a live show on the 21st. Report on the rapture while it’s “happening”.

    Also, it would be great to hear a show about Buddhism.

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    If you do a rapture show, please, Please, PLEASE explain to me (as only Jacob and Ryan (who is popular, thank you) can) where the hell the idea came from that a global currency was a sign of end times.

    I am morbidly curious about the rapture and the Christian apocalypse (so much so that I actually *shudder* watched Left Behind…WHICH WAS AWFUL AND NOT AS FUNNY AS I HOPED)…I just do not understand this New World Order aspect. It makes for awesome drama and narrative…but I just don’t see it as a threat…sounds more like something drummed up by extreme right wing nut jobs…

    Also…don’t know if you were aware (I did a podcast recently about *shudder* Left Behind…and thus was forced to look up info about it)…my fiance found out that Cloud 9 (the producers of *shudder* Left Behind) actually lost the film rights and had to go through a bunch of legal rigmarole in order to get them back…but they managed it. Now they are planning a REMAKE of…it…that will be filled with more action and less politics (aka: talking). I’m hoping Kirk and his absurdly ill-fitting suits will still be in it!

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