John Paul II gets more credit for doing nothing

This is so stupid I felt like ignoring it, but since today is “make fun of ignorant Catholics Day”, I had to include it. You’re all intimately aware of the demise of bin Laden, but did you know that it was John Paul II that was responsible? That’s what the dumb-ass leader of Peru thinks:

Peruvian President Alan Garcia says Pope John Paul II should get credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.”His first miracle was to remove from the world the incarnation of evil, the demonic incarnation of crime and hatred, giving us the news that the person who blew up towers and buildings is no longer.”

Does this guy have any proof of what he’s saying? Of course not. He’s just making shit up at this point. If your chosen religion was still harbouring child rapists, preventing rape victims from getting abortions, and contributing to millions of people dying of AIDS, then you’d be looking for any amount of good news as well. It’s just when you’re as evil as the Catholic Church, it turns out you have to make up crazy shit to justify your existence. That’s what they’ve always done to survive.

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