Uganda ready to kill gays again

It’s become exceedingly clear that it’s only a matter of time before Uganda passes their “kill the gays” bill, and while there are plenty of people trying to pressure President Museveni and his administration into not signing the bill, the people seem to be overwhelmingly for it. So while a site like is encouraging folks to sign a petition, I’m of the opinion that we need to give political asylum to all gays in the country. Only then can we ensure their survival. I don’t want to be mean or dismissive, but petitions don’t do shit, and the people of Uganda are out for blood. They blame gays for all of their troubles, and if that sounds vaguely familiar to you, that’s because every pogrom in history starts off like this.

If you want to do the absolute minimum, then head on over and fill out the survey. Otherwise, get ready to feel outrage when these bigoted fools make it illegal to be born a little different. I weep for the world…

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    I agree. Export all gays from Uganda and let’s see who they blame their problems on then.

    It makes me happy that I live in a society (the UK) that doesn’t kill gays, but it also makes me more determined to keep religion out of running that society so that this sort of thing can’t happen here.

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    Joe Dixon

    Is there some civil rights organizations that can get the ball rolling and getting that status for gays? Where is the Jewish groups? The NAACP? Are any gay groups proposing this? Let’s hope our world doesn’t get another witness another S.S. St. Louis.

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