TGA Podcast: Episode 134

This week, we wrap up Part 3 of our Moses Trilogy, and it’s the bloodiest and craziest one yet! If you haven’t yet heard Part II, remember to sign up for our freebie membership. As the name indicates, it doesn’t cost anything but 2 minutes of your time.

You could also skip this needless romance and become a paying patron and benefit from an extra podcast a week for the next year, all for 20 bucks! It’s a great bargain.

**NOTE: I’m starting to sign all my artwork so everyone is less confused about who does the design stuff. It’s still just all me, guys.

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    Epic trilogy Jacob! It just goes to show that the ones who wrote the Torah, the priests, made every story variations of the message “don’t go against what we say or you’ll be dead.” They spun every natural disaster and plague out to be an example of their authority. Great scam that is still going even to this day. sad face.

    Yay for Jeff coming back soon. But of course Ryan always rocks too 😉

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    Absolutely fantastic trilogy, Jacob and Ryan. Loved the donkey logic! This is an awesome way to get some insights into the literature and learn about the ridiculousness that is the foundation of modern religions. I sincerely hope this becomes part of your show – like once or twice a month. It would also be great if you dove into other holy books, like the Quran and the Book of Mormon.

    Keep up the good work!

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    I’m loving the Harry Potter references. x)

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    This one was pretty good, despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of the Bible stories. Though I do kinda want to see them animated so that chariots can spontaneously become tanks and what not. That would be entertaining.

    However! Why has it not been previously mentioned that we could provide sexy pictures as payment for a membership? Although, I’d like to think pictures of my dick are worth more than $20….

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    Sarah Vader

    Oh I love the stories

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    I love the bible stories, great job here jacob but…


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    Great 3 episodes. Along the way I recommend stating what chapter and verse you are discussing. More like it please!

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    This is awesome!

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    matt dreese

    Jacob & Ryan mentioned that they have done other Bible stories… I’m a premium member and just surfed through the archives without any luck of finding any. Does anyone have the episode numbers of the other bible stories??? I LOVED the Moses series.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Try Bonus Shows 79 and 78. Those are on Jacob and Abraham.

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