Afghanistan still sucks

With Osama Bin Laden dead, and the case for Afghanistan weakening every day, you have to wonder what kind of future these women have under Taliban rule. The little girl who wants to be a “bone doctor” is in for a rough awakening. The “country”, for lack of a better word, isn’t ready to join the rest of the world in modernity, courtesy of religious extremism. Makes me sad to think all of their education will be for naught.

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    Though that is a truly scary state, especially due to the general ignorance of the populace, I think that one country we don’t need to be as worried about as you would think is Iran. Their Youth (their population has doubled since 1988 – they were meant to be raised to be martyrs) are on the verge of changing the dynamic of that country in a very real way. Similar to the Baby Boomers in the US, they are such a are large portion of the population that they have real clout to make change. They also have a different view of the west than their Revolution glamorizing forefathers.
    I’m not saying that the current state of Iran is a good thing, much less that it isn’t scary as shit. But there is some hope in the middle east, and it starts with the Iranian youth.
    Fuck Afganistan, though. That placed is beyond fucked.

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    The problem I have with these reports is they just underline the negative. They should be underlining the positives. And the gigantic strives Afganis had made over the last 10 years.
    Afghanistan is not fucked. It’s doing better now, than at any other time in it’s history. The vast majority of Afganis are in agreement that progress is being made & they are very optimistic about their future. Their biggest fear is US will pull out to early.

    Also Jake: I’m sure that girl has a better understanding of her position than you. If she works hard & her parents allow her to complete her eduction, she CAN be a doctor. 30% of college student enrollments are women in Afghanistan. Women are allowed & do work as doctors(even in Kandahar).

    Anti-war campaigners fucking suck.
    Bottom line is: the US army is made up of volunteers & doing incredible work in Afghanistan.

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    “Makes me sad to think that all of their education will be for naught.”
    See what I mean. This is should be the feel good story of the day. Instead CNN leave you feeling depressed. It’s important to follow the facts. Not the propaganda narrative outlets like CNN are spewing.

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    C Conti

    Let me guess, you’d prefer the propaganda narrative Fox news spews…

    I do agree about your view of the US military. By and large it is an organization of volunteers and very many do try to do their best. Is the policy makers that I Have a big problem with. Not the individual soldiers.

    But Afghanistan is indeed fucked. As good as the US Military may be, they are not miracle workers. Just by their presence there there are generations of Afghani that hate the US and are being taught that in school every day. We have built countless school that were destroyed by the taliban and the Talis have a great advantage over the US Military: they live there. They aren’t going anywhere and they can wait us out.

    How long should we stay? As far as I am concerned, we have accomplished the mission. OBL is gone, good riddance. We went there primarily to get rid of him and to get our sweet revenge. We did that.

    The longer we stay, the more money we’ll spend and, unless we plan to stay forever, when we go the Taliban will come back.

    It is not correct to say that Afghanistan is doing better now than they ever did. Back in the 50’s and 60’s Afghanistan was on its way to join civilization. Women where studying and graduating and working in men’s professions. Hell, they wore miniskirts.

    Then, the Russians came and it went to hell in a handbasket (this is obviously the short version, but a quick google search will fill in the blanks and correct the chronology).

    Right now, those that are supposedly on the US side are a corrupt bunch of profiteers and those against us are a bunch or religious zealots. The Afghans don’t have a real choice. It will take generations before they can build a native democratic movement that will lift them from their current situation.

    In the meantime, we simply cannot afford to baby sit a country that save for a period of a few years and since Alexander the Great has been in the state it is today.

    In the meantime, we have to cut needed programs at home so we can afford to make Afghanistan a better place? It makes no sense. I am all for helping whomever we can, but they need to want our help. They don’t.

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    ^ Thats the CNN narrative & it’s garbage.
    As I said the simple FACTS are that the vast majority are in favor of continued US involvement, opportunistic for there future & know they have never had it better.
    The Taliban rose to power wasn’t so inevitable event. It was a cumulation of very unfortunate events. No matter what happens, it’s not likely they will rest power again.

    “Back in the 50′s and 60′s Afghanistan was on its way to join civilization”

    Utter rubbish. You want a clue read this book:

    Finally, 400 Billion or whatever the figure is was not taken form the mouths of poor American kids.
    Americans spent roughly 8 times that amount on fast food over the last 10 years. That money would have been better off thrown down the well
    Why don’t you picket fat fucks in fast food restaurants?

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