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Cool billboard guys. I admire this kind of really organized, grass-roots level of atheism. That’s how you get all the fence sitters to start speaking out about their own non-belief. Congratulations to Orange County Coalition of Reason for their billboard, and anyone in the area, you might be interested to know that they have a number of events planned in May.

Be sure to check them out.

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    Hmm I’m pretty sure thIs is Orange County in California, right? We have an Orange County in Florida, too. Too bad we don’t have a sign, though. The only difference between us and them is that the sign would probably have so many protesters, and would eventually be burned down. Unfortunately. Yay Florida.

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    What’s a ‘noin-believer’? (1 min 13)

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    I pity the woman who said she’s been sober for 4 years “with God.” I’ve been sober for almost 5 years and know who gets credit for that? ME.

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    I quite like the guy who objects but has no idea why, there’s a man with some well thought out ideas.

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    Jay Knight

    The thing that gets me is that this billboard is merely asking a question. People are angry at others asking questions and seeking community amongst fellow like-minded individuals. How sad.

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    @Carly that is my main reason for a dislike Of religion. People can be amazing creatures, it’s a shame that often those incredible actions/virtues are attributed to god and not their own strength of spirit.

    I like how the guy in White, at the end, could easily have been speaking about religion and it still wouldve made sense. Haha.
    Also, where was the opinion from someone who agreed with the billboards sentiment? The media in America annoys the shit out of me sometimes.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    I like how they will thank god for getting them clean or sober but not blame god for the addiction in the first place? Such a convenient look at life, just choose what you want to be right. Oh and I think god isn’t actually a word, i think it’s a acronym. G.O.D, Generally Omnipotent Dictator.

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    Sober for 4 years with god, eh? Any chance you picked up religion at AA? What a freaking non sequitur. “I was soaked, so I turned to god, and now I’m dry”…? That’s like saying “I was addicted to weed, but then a vacuum cleaner salesman knocked on my door, and I haven’t touched a spliff in 20 years.”

    And that other detractor was oh so succinct in his reasons why he didn’t like the billboard…oh wait, he didn’t give any reasons…nevermind.

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    I’m glad to put up this link. I have since gone to their website and attended my first atheist meeting. I had a blast, and met a bunch of wonderful people.

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