Derek, I hardly knew you

It’s a terrible shame when your only opportunity to know someone is on the day of their death. Derek Miller, an atheist blogger not unlike myself, died of cancer recently. His last post, from “beyond the grave” is a reminder of the fragility of life. Derek had been fighting a losing battle to colon cancer, and passed away a few days ago. Reading his archive, it also reminded me there are still tons of great atheist bloggers out there that haven’t been discovered. If you know of any we haven’t talked about in the past, and you would like others to know about it before these people expire, be sure to let me know!

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    Wish I new him….

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    Hopefully an armload of atheists will pick up where he left off! Everyone always asks me, “If you’re an atheist, then what do you think is the meaning of life?” “Life,” I answer. I usually leave off the bit I want to say: “Duh!”

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