Birthday Alert!

It’s Carisa’s birthday, so if you want to wish her a happy 24th rotation around the sun, be sure to leave a nice comment or two telling her how much you appreciate all the help she’s given over the years with the podcast! I even suspect that some of you out there like her more than you like me. Sure, she might be more hot, but I’ve got the golden voice here!

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    Matt Smith

    Happy birthday Carisa!

    And, no offense, I think Jacob is wrong about just who is hotter :)

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    Dale Cope

    Happy Happy Birthday,

    Enjoy your celestial swing ride. You do great things for the show and help keep Jacob in his place.

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    Happy Birthday Carisa! May you have many more trips around Sol! Hope you have a great day, and keep up the great work on the podcast!! (Besides, you’re much hotter!) :)

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    Happy Uterus Liberation Day Carisa! Hope you stick around, you appear to be the only one that can put him in his place! :P

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    AJ Buwalda

    Carisa, happy birthday from the Netherlands! I always enjoy your contributions to the show, so come around once in while won’t you?

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    Happy Birthday Carisa

    psst… Your hotter, and have the golden voice of the show ;)

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    Happy b-day Carissa. Always love the show best when you are on. I am most pleased that you were born.

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    oooops! I guess I mis-spelled your name. Sorry…

    Have a good one anyway…. nobody died.

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    Happy Closer to Retirement Day Carisa!

    Its been a real joy listening to you over the past year, you don’t always agree with Jake and you’re not quiet to tell him that, and I look forward to your unique perspectives for the years to come.

    Seriously, you really have to stop complaining that no one likes you ’cause I’m pretty sure I’m not the only to always have a smile on his face when you’re on (that sweet voice lilting in my ear is so soothing, even when you’re screaming in anger, its really hard not to smile). You also bring a much needed perspective difference to the show, the only thing that would be better is if Jake could somehow figure out how to get Ryan and Jeff on at the same time. :)

    Here’s hope you have the happiest Birthday today. :D


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    Happy bday hope you keep contribuiting to the show :)

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    Sterling Knight

    Happy birthday to The Good Atheistess… That’s all I got, but I will NOT use one of these: :), or these: :D, or these: ;), or these: :P in my comment.

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    Happy birthday, Carisa! Your contributions to the show are always appreciated and enjoyable.

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    Happy Birthday Carisa!

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    Ryan Holzem

    Happy Birthday Carissa! I love when you are on the show. Its refreshing to get a womans perspective inbetween Jake and Ryans bro-love banter (which is always entertaining as well).
    Keep up the good work!


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    Carisa Hendrix

    Thanks everyone!! Best birthday present ever :)

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    Best wishes!

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