That’s what I would settle on

If any Republican candidate would actually say something like this, and respected the separation as much as this obviously fictional character, then people like me would be a lot less pissed off.

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    This is the only way I think I can ‘respect’ religion at this point. Believe what you want, but keep those beliefs out of my life and my government.

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    Why did General Hammond pop up in the middle?

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    The sad part of this is that while this guy is on the right side of the debate, if an actual Republican ever said this to reporters it’d be political suicide – he’d be unelectable.

    It seems, unfortunately, that the only time in America’s history when it was acceptable to be non-religious was at the time it was first founded. The Puritans, fleeing religious oppression in Europe, knew first hand what a country founded on religion would do to them and were therefore willing to elect Deists, if not downright closeted atheists, to keep the secular state out of their personally held religious beliefs.

    Nowadays you can’t get elected unless you’re one of the fairy tale brigade willing to break one of America’s founding laws and force Jesus on everyone whether they want it or not.

    Jake, a few episodes back you had a fan ask you (paraphrased), “If you had godlike powers and could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be.” As I was listening I quickly realized I wanted way more than one, I want to bring back the Founding Fathers so they can see what their dream has turned into; they wouldn’t be the least bit afraid to use the second amendment to take out all the fuckwits who’ve systematically worked to destroy their hard work by trying to turn American into a theocratic police state.

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