Priest fail

Isn’t it hilarious how religious people are utterly convinced believing in the absurd makes them better people? Despite plenty of proof to the contrary, it never seems to register that for the most part, religion makes people more xenophobic, more racist, more likely to support torture, and more ignorant. How are you supposed to be more moral when that’s the case?

If Christianity is supposed to make you more law abiding and moral (I chuckle everytime I actually say that out loud), then we should expect the so-called “experts” in its theology to be shining beacons of moral rectitude. Of course, we all know that’s not the case. If they aren’t shoving their penises in inappropriate places or beating the crap out of orphans, some of them are just trying to get paid:

A 67-year-old Roman Catholic priest was arrested at his Queenstown church mission for allegedly selling baby formula meant to be given free to underprivileged children.

The priest was arrested on Thursday afternoon while allegedly selling the milk to the public, after police and the Eastern Cape health department were alerted to the trade, Daily Dispatch reported on Friday

Nice job, dude. Guys like you make disparaging religion easy.

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    This reminds me of a radio talk show discussion that I was listening to last night. They were talking about overprotective parents not letting their children go to friends’ houses for sleepovers and one woman called up and said “In this day and age, if you can’t trust a priest or a nun then who CAN you trust?”

    I was dumbstruck. That someone would even consider that the pinnacle of child safety is being left alone with a sexually self-oppressed adult is just beyond me!

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    Wow. Parish must be strapped for cash *because so many people are disgusted with the catholic church and dont want to throw their money away every Sunday.* Priesty should have done what any self respecting slob does in this situation *and get an honest job.* But cons never like real work.

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