Did they rip off Monty Python?

Doesn’t it sound suspiciously similar to the Monty Python Galaxy Song from “Meaning of Life”?

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    Sterling Knight


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    It’s obviously an homage, but very well done. I love Animaniacs.

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    Jeffrey Jones

    If they were really ripping off Monty Python, the majority of their sketches would suck.

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    I always felt like the Animaniacs songs owed more to Tom Lehrer than Monty Python.

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    Julian Doyle

    Look out for new Monty Python book ‘LIFE OF BRIAN/JESUS. Exposes how other Biblical films avoid the embarrassing facts that the Python film confronts


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    Joe Dixon

    How many children who watched that had any clue who Mickey Rooney was? To this day, I mix his name up with Andy Rooney. What an odd person to reference.

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    Possibly — Animaniacs was filled with cultural references for adults (deliberately mimicking the original Looney Toons in that regard.) The liberally reference The Marx Brothers and vaudeville routines, and spoof people like Jerry Lewis.

    It’s a splendid show and it definitely had an eye on picking up an adult audience. I watch it on DVD today, and love it.

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    Animaniacs was a wonderful show! They certainly lifted some of the lyrics (such as, “galaxy we call the milky way”, directly from Monty python, and the theme and feel of the song is similar, it’s certainly a hat-tip to MP.

    But yeah, pretty much the only thing on TV my parents let me watch while growing up in the 90’s, besides PBS of course.

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