TGA Podcast: Episode 133

This week Ryan joins me for another Bible Story. Now, since we’re covering Moses in this show, we’ve actually had to break it up into three parts! Part two will be a bonus show, but just to show you that I’m not a total dick, it’ll be free for anyone who registers for a free membership. So enjoy Part 1 of the Moses Trilogy!

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    Hey Jacob, I like the Bible stories. It just goes to show how people like to gloss over the parts where god is a big jerk.
    For some reason I didn’t realize you and Carisa were dating. That’s great if you are tho.
    Also, miss you on AWIM. Dawid is great too but you and Jeff are always fun to listen too. 😉

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    Thank you for expressing how morally fucking repugnant passover is.

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    Love the Bible Stories. Keep it up! It’s a good niche for TGA. I’m looking forward to when you move into Koran territory.

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    Myke Caputo

    Yes, more bible stories! That is going to cause me to actually pay you. When I can afford to that is; unfortunately preaching atheism doesn’t bring in the big tithes, since we don’t have a set percentage. Alas, when this whole college thing pays off, then my friend, you’re golden!

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