Muslim actress threatened over Playboy pictures

When I think of someone famous taking off their clothing for money and more attention, it’s rare that I compare their actions to those of great revolutionaries. Of course, that’s probably because I live in a society that values freedom of expression, and where the female form isn’t something we like covered up (which is why winter sucks so hard). That’s why I had to take a few moments to appreciate the fact that a German Muslim actress named Sila Sahin has received death threats after posing nude for Playboy.

Her Turkish parents are apparently uber-conservative and called her all kinds of nasty names for doing what she wants with her own body.

“For years I subordinated myself to various societal constraints. The Playboy photo shoot was a total act of liberation.”

You know you’re on the side of good when you’re trying to defend a society that has citizens who feel liberated when they show people their naughty parts!

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    I am an iraq veteran, and I wonder how fucked up it is that I now find muslim women to be the hottest chicks on earth.

    oh… and I am amazed by her bravery

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    Wow! If she’s lucky, she’ll get to carry around bodyguards for the rest of her life too!

    I await the inevitable international fatwa because of her personal decision. Although this is Turkey, so maybe there’s room enough for the slightest bit of hope.

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    Its not fucked up at all. An attractive woman is an attractive woman regardless of her age, size, shape, or colour. Your experiences have allowed you to discover your attraction to the the middle eastern ladies and I for one commend your choice, many of the middle eastern ladies I’ve seen while browsing around on the internet, and in real life too, have been crazy sexy hot!

    Don’t be afraid to own it, you don’t have to justify your attractions to anyone but yourself. If you like the middle eastern ladies I say go for it. Hell, I’m pretty partial to Asians myself and have been waiting patiently for years for someone to perfect human cloning so I can have an army of Grace* and Linda** Park clones (same last name, no relation). 😀


    * Grace:
    ** Linda:

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