Pope continues to deny reality

I know, it’s not much of a headline. I mean, how surprising is it when a supposedly infallible guy in the ceremonial dress claims that his magical sky-man created humans, rather than our existence being the product of natural forces:

Benedict emphasized the Biblical account of creation in his Easter Vigil homily Saturday, saying it was wrong to think at some point “in some tiny corner of the cosmos there evolved randomly some species of living being capable of reasoning and of trying to find rationality within creation, or to bring rationality into it.”

It’s wrong to think the truth? It is for Christians!

“If man were merely a random product of evolution in some place on the margins of the universe, then his life would make no sense or might even be a chance of nature,” he said. “But no, reason is there at the beginning: creative, divine reason.”

Does something need to have been the product of a supernatural entity in order for life to “make sense”? This is what annoys me about religious people: they think it’s far more amazing to be the product of an anthropomorphic god rather than cosmic evolution. Your body is literally made out of dead stars, and meanwhile we’re all supposed to be impressed by the murder and crucifixion of a long dead Palestinian Jew? What the fuck are you talking about, moron?

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