Kiwi youths uninformed about Easter

How did your Zombie Jesus Weekend turn out? Personally I stuffed myself with food and partied way too hard, but it’s pretty much the only way most people I know tend to celebrate. In fact, it looks like most of New Zealand has no fucking clue what the holiday is actually about. According to a super unscientific survey they did, kids are generally ignorant as to the history and purpose of Easter. It’s hilarious:

The 10-question survey, which asked basic questions about Christ’s death and resurrection, returned a mean test score of 5 out of 10…The question as to whom betrayed Christ confused a number of others, with one young respondent believing it was his dog who was disloyal. Another was hazy about the entire concept of Easter.

I remember that part in the Bible when Old Yeller betrays Jesus too. Bastard.

A 16-year-old believed Christ was referred to as “King of the World”, and was crucified wearing a “halo made of bunnies”.

A halo made of bunnies..How does that even work?

All of this is a positive sign that no one really gives a damn about Christianity enough to pass on their stupid stories to the next generation. So while some may lament about this, the rest of us secularists can take comfort that the world is slowly losing its religious flavor. It might take a while, but it looks like we might be on the winning side after all.

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    Random Kitty

    While I am more than happy to hear that religion is becoming less and less important in many areas of the world, I also find it a bit tragic that people don’t understand the real ludicrous nature of the predominant world religions. Also, while the stories are complete fiction, they are an important part of the literary history of western society, not knowing Judas is like not knowing Hamlet and it means that a reader will not understand countless allusions in classic and modern literature. As a teacher, I find that rather depressing.

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    Ryan Gizzyhizzy

    Be extremely careful when noting trends like this. Ignorance has nothing at all to do with religious conviction. In fact, most of us are probably aware that the most strident and vocal religious individuals are the most ignorant of their own dogma. I’ve seen plenty of arguments where the non-believer has schooled the Christian on, for example, the story of Noah’s ark, or the resurrection of Christ.

    Those ignorant folks don’t suffer from a lack of religious faith, just education about their religion, which also is not necessarily in itself a totally “bad” thing. It could also mean the religion is simply changing and old dogma is being replaced by new. I wish it could be a sign of hope, but really its just more of the same.

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