Muslims are so reasonable!

See, they never flip out over nothing! It’s all a gross misunderstanding really. All they want us to do is sit silently and watch them as they drag the world back to the 11th century. Nothing scary about that!

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    This was an utterly disgusting display of anti-freedom, yet the rioters could not at all be bothered by their ironic ignorance. The last couple of minutes was most disgraceful. Apparently the mere concept of freedom of speech is phobia-like to these people. I do not intend at all to generalize, but if this is happening elsewhere and ‘en masse’ I would agree that we have a serious problem that must be resolved as soon as possible.

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    I was listening to older bonus shows today and you said it perfectly, Jacob, they this that we are being intolerant of their intolerance and DAMN STRAIGHT! These people need to get over their fucking selves. I love when they finish chanting muhammad and then start looking awkward when the chanting fades…then the guy tries to start the chanting again. If this sort of thing doesn’t a) demonstrate the dangerous mob mentality of religion or b) show that religion deserves ridicule, I’ll convert to scientology…

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    Darren Taggart

    It’s terrifying that they’ve been programmed to react like that. You can see why the scary regimes around the world try to tap into that sort of reaction.

    If you’d like to programme your own Muslim I’ve devised the below which could be a good start (N.B. they only run on Basic):

    10 See something different
    20 IF crowd > 1 THEN GOTO 50 ELSE
    30 Walk the streets
    40 GOTO 10
    50 Freak the fuck out
    60 PRINT “Allah Admiral Ackbar”
    70 GOTO 20

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    I live and study in Sweden. So far, the society has been very good and welcoming. When I see this kind of behavior, it makes me very upset and angry.

    The girl that stood up to mass has so much courage, you have no idea. Swedes are in general very reserved, respectful, quiet and shy. To stand up to someone, it means a lot. And to stand up to …and the room goes quiet as I say it… muslims… takes even more guts.

    Those muslims are taking advantage of a very peaceful, liberal society. They say they pay taxes, but no one dares ask how many of them take welfare. Welfare in Sweden is BIG $$$, especially if you have lots of kids.

    If the girl that stood up to those idiots ever reads this, I would be honored to shake her hand.

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    Michael Beares

    Everyone has put it so well on feelings of this event. I just wanted to say I appreciate the guy who went up front and said respect the police they are just doing their jobs, everyone seemed to calm down quite a bit with the occasional loud mouth

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    Please tell me that video that fucked them up is on youtube somewhere…

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    To sum it up in one word: Rabid.

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    But what should be done to remedy this obvious disregard for mutual freedom of expression.

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    Did anyone else get the impression that they went to this viewing with the specific intent of losing their collective shit?

    Apparently the artist’s name was well known, and the uproar seemed about as organised as such a thing could be? How much time had passed before they were already shouting? Thirty secondas at most? Like they were primed and ready to protest the minute anything that might be construd as being at all offensive to their ridiculously easily offended faith appeared.

    Oh well. I guess shutting down a film showing in front of a hundred or so people is a victory. Why the police — and there was enough there that they obviously knew a problem was likely — wouldn’t just remove all the provocateurs and then continue to show the film is beyond me. Though I suppose about a third of the audiance would have been gone.

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    Im not going to watch the vid, I just wanted to say it’s nice to see someone found and wears the knitted sweater my grandma made in 1972.

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