Negligent mother thanks invisible friend for rescued baby

Imagine you’re a shitty parent, and your unsupervised 16 month old falls through the balcony railing of your 4 story hotel room and into the arms of a resourceful passer-by. Is your first instinct to thank your invisible friend in the sky for the rescue?

Jah-Nea Myles, 16 months, apparently slipped through the balcony railing and fell into the arms of Helen Beard.

Ms Beard, of Worksop, was at the pool at Orlando’s Econo Lodge hotel when she saw the baby hanging from the railing and ran underneath, she said.

Ms Myles told Reuters: “I’m thanking the Lord above right now for saving my child’s life. I’m also thanking that lady because she was an angel sent from heaven.”

It wasn’t your Iron Age God, or one of his sexless servants who saved your kid; it was a young woman from Worksop, England with a head on her shoulders.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Wow I love this mentality, so joyfully frustrating. I hate people who give their “god” credit when what they should do is thank this woman that saved her baby. This lady should be under investigation for neglect or child abuse, how does a child of 16 months just slip through the railings of a 4th story balcony? I’ve actually stayed at the same Econo Lodge and let me tell you my father would have had a heart-attack if I was left on the balcony unsupervised. Mind you I was a kid in the 80’s, my parents are atheist, and they valued common sense quite highly; unlike this stupid woman. And I must wonder if the child dropped to it’s death would she thank god for that? would she blame god for killing her child or would she be labeled an unsafe parent and sent to jail? hmmm I wonder.

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    She’s thanking sky daddy, because the actual odds of that woman walking by at just the right time to save her baby are astronomical at best, hence a “higher power” had to be involved. I’m not excusing her stupid behavior mind you. This lady needs to have this baby taken away. Or at least get slapped upside the head.

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