TGA Podcast: Episode 132

This week, Ryan joins me for a conversation about the dangers of psychics, why racism makes my job so crappy, and we talk about Evan Emory‘s 2 month jail sentence for a stupid YouTube video. Don’t miss out!

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    Fuck celcius! Go Kelvin! THAT’S more scientific!

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    Douglas Ittner

    Emory was rightly convicted of the charges against him. What he did was little different than photoshopping photos of children in sex acts, which the courts have ruled is the same as child porn.

    Emory did not have the consent of the parents to use their children in the video. They did consent to his original use of the children, which was a tame child song being sung to them. Emory’s choice to use children in a sexual song with lyrics talking about what sex acts he’d perform on them was not approved and as the judge had figured, had illegally sexualized the children against their will. You admitted to not watching the videos, plus you didn’t even read any of the lyrics on the podcast, so I wonder from what evidence you based your conclusion on.

    Just because it was a Youtube video is a weak defense. Just as Republican activists edited videos to portray people as racists, or NPR officials as taking money from terrorists, so too was Emory being dishonest and tried to portray his subjects as a way that was intended. Emory could have fought it if he wanted to and I doubt would have gotten a full sentence if found guilty, and the prosecutors knew they didn’t have an easy case so they presented the plea bargin. So he got off easy especially since he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

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    The bloke (a BNP member) who burnt the Koran was arrested for public order offences (stealing a book and lighting it in the middle of the street), not for blasphemy or any religious matter.
    As for the YT video – I think this kind of thing requires consent of the participants if they are minors. Recording a video of small kids and then singing you’ll put your finger up ther anus is .. I wouldn’t call it child abuse, but its still a violation of their privacy and childhood. There are similar videos online which are obviously comedy and the children were consensual participants, look up “every sperm is sacred” on YT.

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