Doug Stanhope on making up your Christianity

If you picked up the Bible and tried reading it cover to cover, it’s doubtful you’d make it past Exodus before you’d put it down, utterly disgusted by the characters and their evil actions. If anyone was later to tell you this was a moral guide to live your life by, would you believe them?

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    Duane Beaudot

    Doug is my favorite comedian. Just saw him live about a month ago. At the show he ask who was an atheist, it was a most of the crowd. I would love to hear him on the podcast someday.

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    I’m so glad Jake posted this. I sent it to him the other night. Glad he enjoyed it. Doug is amazing and it would be great to have him and Jake go on rants together. 😛

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Funny stuff, I love the lightning hit my baby line.

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