A little bit of poetry

It’s beautiful and very difficult to watch. Be sure to spread the word and get others to listen.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Religious barbarism at it’s ugliest.

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    Very sad and very true.
    The reason this would not work well here?
    We have secular law is one reason.
    I own a gun…guess how many would go to hell before me?
    (actually I do not own a gun but the point is I would not go willingly to be stoned.)

    And the difference between the video and when the far right take over? AH..Well..nothing, they just want the xtian version.

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    Bradley Blackmere

    In my opinion, if our generation doesn’t do something about the kind of indocrination that produces situations like these then we do not deserve to be called civilized. The kind of upbringing that spawns hatred and inequality should not be possible for thinking beings.

    It’s why I confront and expose religion head on wherever I find it. They should never again be given dominion over people’s lives. We should not forget how religion behaves where it is strong.

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    See…Sharia law is good because it is an obvious evil against human rights…it is at least something that “civilized” western society can rebel against…

    Eventually it’ll get “tamed” like western Christianity…then the evil will be much more subtle and insidious…and it’ll be okay for our newcasters and celebrities and politicians and teachers to enforce it’s beliefs onto everyday citizens…

    Religion is disgusting.

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