Bill Donohue sucks hard

You’ve got to admire Bill Donohue – in a rather sick and twisted way – for his unique ability to always “up the ante” of shitty things to say. He’s really an artist of sorts, effortlessly dispatching the truth whenever it seems to be inconvenient, and compensating by making outlandishly false statements, all in a futile attempt to defend what is arguably one of the most corrupt institutions in the world. To defend monsters, one must become a monster.

The latest “Donohism” is a difficult one to top however: he’s accusing the media of improperly reporting the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children. Most were willing participants, and the real problem was homosexuality:

“The Boston Globe correctly said of the John Jay report that ‘more than three-quarters of the victims were post pubescent, meaning the abuse did not meet the clinical definition of pedophilia.’ In other words, the issue is homosexuality, not pedophilia,” Donohue wrote.

“What accounts for the relentless attacks on the Church?” he asked in conclusion. “Let’s face it: if its teachings were pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-women clergy, the dogs would have been called off years ago.”

Don’t blame all these priests, says Bill, most were participants who enjoyed what was happening. The real villains were the sodomites, everyone! After all, they wanted to put their penises where God had strictly forbidden it, and we all know if you don’t listen to sky-daddy, he will send a tidal wave after you.

It’s in situations like this I wish I could produce a report that could explain the depth of all the sexual abuse that occurred to both men and women…Oh wait, silly me, it turns out there are a ton of them, with more popping up all the time. Perhaps the most comprehensive of which isĀ the Ryan Report, a difficult and lengthy volume detailing all aspects of abuse of Catholic-run institutions in Ireland. So without needing to trust Billy-boy at his words, we can instead rely on the litany of statistics on female sexual abuse by clergymen. I’ll go out on a limb here and say it was definitely not consensual:

Reported abuse ranged from inappropriate fondling and touching to oral/genital contact, vaginal and anal rape. There were 128 reports of sexual abuse from 127 female witnesses (34%). One witness reported that she was sexually abused in two different Schools. Witnesses described their experience of sexual abuse as either acute or chronic episodes occurring throughout their admissions in the Schools. Witnesses reported being sexually abused by religious and lay staff in addition to other adults, the majority of whom were understood to be directly associated with the Schools. Witnesses also reported being sexually abused by co-residents.

Before you feel entirely too depressed over the fact such stupidity still makes the air on a regular basis, take comfort in the knowledge, so long as people like Bill speak for their churches, the job of demonstrating the poisonous nature of religion is made much easier. Bill is a cruel, stupid brute whose actions undermine the false idea that religion moralizes an otherwise evil creation. In other words, with fuckheads like Bill at the wheel, it’s a lot easier for these morons to careen off a cliff.

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    The priest in Belgium that admitted to have molested two of his nephews also passed the blame, to his victims. Yuck yuck, super yucky. Bill “I’m always angry about sumthin'” Donohue should stop ‘never ceasing to amaze me’. Awesomeness homie,


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    Donohue is the living definition of the good little soldier. Always running interference, always taking a bullet, always dissembling about negative press. The only fuel that man needs to exist is the rich crude called persecution complex…and a steady Catholic paycheck. The guy lives for the media he gets. You can see it in the sh!t-eatin grin he always has on his face when he’s on cable news tabloids.

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    Nick Hudson

    What a sick and fucking twisted world this child rape apologist lives in, where the word “post-pubescent” is synonomous with “willing participant”. It may not fit the technichal defenition pedophilia, but last time I checked “post pubescent” did not imply adulthood, consent, or homosexuality. So that brings us back to my original point… Bill Donohue is an apologist for RAPE. Period. It doesn’t matter if the victim is 5, 15, or 50, rape is still rape.

    He oh-so convinietly ignores the numerous instances of heterosexual rape commited by catholic priests and harps on the homosexual rapes as part of a stratagey to paint all homosexuals as rapists. But it’s not a matter of homosexuality, it’s a matter of catholic priests abusing their position and presumed “authority” to sexually assault and rape underage parishoners.

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    Darren Taggart

    I love the bit where he says that the dogs would have been called off years ago if the church wasn’t so ignorant and offensive in their “teachings”. Yes. That’s correct. Who is a fault and should change? Why, it’s the 60% of the population that the bible says are not good enough!

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