Atheist Where’s Waldo

I hope I’m not too anachronistic here, but if you’ll humor me for a second, I think you’ll enjoy spotting the kid in the crowd who quite rightly feels like he’s surrounded by a bunch of childish morons. Stop jumping up and down waiting for your sky-pappy to show up and give you presents and hugs. It’s embarrassing not just to us, but to the human race.

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    Jay Knight

    lol, this is like deja vu.

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    Man, even when I was Christian I thought stuff like that was pretty insane, and indicative more of a certain streak of insanity than worship. But, Catholics aren’t known for their exuberance during mass, at least no Catholic churches I’ve ever been to. How bad is that if, even when you’re in it, you see stuff like this and recoil?

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    The church I have to go to is just like this… Haha, I feel for ya, atheist Waldo.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    ahhahaha good one

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    Nick Hudson

    Oh wow…. This is just sad. Kind of like an evangelical wannabe mosh pit. Reminds me of the church my parents forced me to go to, this was how everyone acted right before the preachers brother wheeled in the bin with snakes in it (Snakes which I later learned were non venomous, though we were told differently at the time.)

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    Isaac Mendez

    Hahaha! Looks like he’s incredibility bored.

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    I think I would have actaully gotten up, flipped everyone off, and walked out the door.

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    There has to be some kind of health benefit to doing *that* every week. Why, it’s almost like exercise!

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