Bigot Historian has something stupid to say

If you’ve ever hated your history professor and wondered if the crusty old bastard had any real understanding of how historical facts are uncovered, you can imagine the pain of having Professor Roberto De Matti as a teacher:

A professor is facing calls to resign after blaming the collapse of the Roman Empire on homosexuality.

Roberto De Mattei, a devout Roman Catholic, had already raised eyebrows by saying the Japanese tsunami was divine punishment.
In a radio interview, the vice president of Italy’s prestigious Centre for National Research said: The collapse of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Barbarians was due to the spread of homosexuality.

Honestly, I would quote the whole article just to prove how clearly bigoted this man is, but I don’t even want you reading anymore at this point. It’s all such insane nonsense. Barbarians invading Rome a divine punishment for the sin of homosexuality?

This jackass is so deep in the closet he’s fused with the stucco. It looks like Italy’s having a new renaissance of homophobia. Robbie is close buddies with the education minister and their corrupt lecherous leader, Silvio Berlusconi (I’ll admit that the man has impeccable taste in women, however). One more victory for ignorance, everyone!

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    Does he really think that homosexuality caused the downfall of the Roman Empire? Really though? Just because you *can* have gay sex doesn’t mean you *will* have gay sex. If you’re straight, you’re straight. If you’re gay, you’re gay. There’s no way every man in the empire suddenly decided that being gay was the way to go, and forget the wives and kids.

    I blame the Roman Catholic Church on stupidity.

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    Bryan Elliott

    You know, I really thought it was the leaded wine that caused roman leadership to collapse in a steaming pile of inept and crazy, followed by christianity.

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    Jeffrey Jones

    10$ says that he will play the ‘oppressed Christian’ card.

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    I still find it mind-boggling that they always seem to focus on homosexuals as the root of all society’s ills.

    But I suppose when you need your congregation to be as educated as little as possible and (in some religions) “sinning” so parishioners can repent and donate, there is no real vested interest in actually attacking and solving the real social problems.

    Indeed there is a need to perpetuate and encourage crime and ignorance. If everyone became “good” they would be out of a job.

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    Agreed, Apollo. There are about 10 people every Saturday morning protesting (quietly) outside a Marie Stopes (an abortion clinic) in the UK where I live. Every Saturday that I walk past them they give me pamphlets about the evils of abortion, and every time I take them and throw them away, then I ask them why they’re spending so much of their time protesting against a legal activity instead of going out and helping homeless people, or taking orphans to the fun fair or the beach, or feeding the hungry, or painting the houses of the old folks who can’t do it themselves. You know, the alleged things that Christianity instills into people so that they can claim to be ‘good Christians’. It always seems to be missing…

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