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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been experimenting with a new writing style since accepting the challenge of finally writing my book. The project itself evolved into something I call “The Good Atheist Companion”. It’s a kind of appendix for the podcast, complete with behind the scenes stories, explorations of the various tangents mentioned in every show, and a breakdown of every mistake and blunder on the show.

The Companion will take place in series of 10 (I’ve started from episodes 60-69 since this is when the shows become tolerable), and while I try and iron out the kinks, I’m looking for 4 volunteers to review and discuss the development. I’m basically looking for the hard-core members to share some of their input to ensure that the Companion is so fucking bad-ass not having it will seem like a kind of pre-mature death. Let me know if this interests anyone!

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