I didn’t say anything hateful, you homo

Behind the scenes of Larry King live in the 90’s, Pat Robertson simultaneously argues he’s said nothing hurtful, and as soon as the camera lights are off, his true feelings seep out like a leaky septic tank. I love how he thinks the producers are “setting” him up by having callers who sound gay. Pat, when can we expect you to finally kick the bucket and leave us in peace?

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    Pat Robertson sounds quite effeminate himself.

    When is he going to die? If this god he keeps talking about is all-loving, I think there are more people in the world who would be happier if Pat Robertson were to die, than there are those who would like him kept alive, inflicting his brand of shite on the rest of us.

    If this god does exist it should dispatch this douche straight away. If he doesn’t do him in then this god is either unwilling to make lots of people happy (thus, not all-loving), or it is unable to do so (thus, lame), or it simply doesn’t exist. Either way we’re still stuck with this gobshite.

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    I’ll start taking the republican party seriously the moment they are no longer infected with a cult >:( (mainstream faiths… cults… after my experience i see little difference)

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