Get re-acquainted with sexism, Bible style

Wow. That’s all I can say. I suddenly felt like I was back in the 1920’s! And as you can see by all the octogenarians in the background, I’m guessing that’s when most of these scumbags learned their ethics.

Don’t you just love the smug, self-assuredness of a man who takes his Bible as a serious message from God? He’s not lying the Bible said that, and that’s why it’s so fucked up.

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    Fuckin’ women, damn’d the whole world don’t you know!

    The Homo is strong with this one.

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    He is so wrong on so many fronts its hard to know were to start. But as the buyBull is interpreted by his brand of delusion he is basically right. Well as right as his buyBull is anyway.
    But the DOWNFALL was caused by Adam not Eve as Adam was told not to eat. So if the buyBull story is true, we have some asshole thinking with his dick to thank for it.
    Unlike this idiot, any real buyBull scholars know that at least one section was written by a woman.
    But we still get back to the same old tired question…
    How does he know the buyBull is true???

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    No wonder he likes being a man! Apparently his religion gives him a shiny liscence to be an arrogant, bigoted “man” who only has authority through religion. As soon as that’s out of the picture, he has no more power than the rest of us. He’s hiding behind his religion because it sure makes him feel privledged. I’m pretty sure that’s called being a coward!

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    Darren Taggart

    The Metre Convention was signed on 20 May 1875 and established the SI system, which since 1889 defines the magnitude of the kilogram to be equal to the mass of the international prototype kilogram.

    I think we have just found our reference unit for the cunt.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    This guy and what he stands for is pretty scary. He’s the last kind of person who should be heard by the masses. His antiquated sexist rhetoric isn’t needed in today’s society at all. He’s like a child who listens to an imaginary friend and does what hes told. I can only imagine him as a child, ” Mommy Jesus told me that your the reason the world is shit and that I shouldn’t respect you or any other woman.”


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