Another reason why the Bible is not a guide to live by

When Abraham is an old man, says the Bible, he enters a covenant with God that offers – in exchange for the tips of everyone’s penises in perpetuity – a guaranteed 400 years of misery with the promise of inheriting someone else’s land.

Abraham makes the rather undiplomatic agreement for the sake of his descendants, and proceeds to cut every male’s foreskin with a blade. Most of the men, the vast majority of them slaves, are all adults and the invention of anesthetics is still many moons away.

If there’s a lesson here, it’s probably you should avoid trusting what a senile old man claiming to hear the voice of God tells you. Unfortunately for a 3 month old in Portland Oregon, the Bible has received the greatest publicity campaign in the world, declared by educated and uneducated alike to be the definitive source of all Western morality.

When the boy’s mother – indoctrinated since childhood as to the benefit of reading this vile tome- decided to follow the same covenant Abraham made with God, she did so in much the same fashion. 29-year-old Keemonta Peterson circumcised her child, and after he cried in agony for 2 hours as the blood continued to flow out of his body, her malfunctioning maternal instincts finally kicked into high gear long enough to call the hospital and avoid him death. By the time he arrived, the child was listed as critical. The doctor testified the pain for the baby would have been immense.

He has since luckily recovered, although no details have emerged as to the condition of his penis. The mother is facing charges, and must now visit her children under supervision. Where did all of this misery begin? Did it start in her childhood, as the ludicrous concepts of religion were drilled into her impressionable brain?

I’m glad her lawyer didn’t try to argue endangering your child is a form of religious expression, like some people. It seems as though we’ve humored the nonsense of faith for so long we’re shocked people act on it. People like Keemonta may be crazy, but they got helping getting there.

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    That’s insane! She should have at least gone to some Jewish people since they practice this regularly and there for would have been able to prevent the child’s suffering. Truth be told I think the kid needs to be taken away from her totally not just “supervised” visits.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    I fear not only for my penis, but for the world.

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    Don’t fear for your penis 🙂 No one’s going to remove your foreskin without your say-so, given that you’re an adult and have the chance to say no and stop it. This child couldn’t stop it. This child, like so many others, is a victim of religious barbarism rooted firmly in the Stone Age.

    Your fear for the world is well-placed though.

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    Circumcision on children needs to end, full stop. The procedure has been under scrutiny for decades and any alleged health benefits don’t justify performing an aesthetic surgical procedure on someone who can’t decline. Doing so is a human rights violation.

    Circumcision for aesthetic purposes should only be performed on responsible adults and only by medical professionals.

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    It’s done on people who can’t decline for a reason. The foreskin, much like the clitoral hood, has a shit tonne of nerve endings in it that brings a lot of pleasure during sex. It also protects the head of the penis when flaccid, keeping it from becoming desensitized by the inside of your clothes, and often can be retracted during sex adding even *more* pleasure to the experience.

    Circumcision, both male and female, is about denying people sexual pleasure; our imaginary sky friend says that sex is only for procreation and that the only pleasure one is *supposed* to get out of life is from God’s unconditional love.

    It’s done to people as babies because the religious know if they waited until the person was an adult they’d never agree to loosing such a vital part of their sexual function and pleasure, so they take it away when you can’t say no. Do it long enough and it becomes part of the culture, you’re *expected* to be circumcised at birth to be “normal” in our society.

    By the time you realize you’re missing something its far far too late to do anything about it. The religious hope that you won’t get too upset, can’t miss what you don’t know, and that you’ll just happily go along with this part of the “expected” culture so you won’t be too worked up to try and stop it.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    @WLCPeter informative sir, good post!

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