Pharmacists in Illinois can refuse Morning-After Pill

Did you know that of all the states in the Union, none played a bigger role in the birth of the nuclear age than Illinois (the first sustained nuclear reaction took place at the University of Chicago)? I found that out when I was trying to do a little research about it. Needless to say, the above headline made me shake my head in disbelief.

As the fifth largest state, it’s often considered a microcosm for the rest of America, and if that’s the case, I have some pretty grim news. Turns out a circuit judge recently ruled that pharmacists can refuse to sell women the “morning-after” pill based on their religious objections.

“The judge’s decision makes clear that religious people don’t have to give up their religion, don’t have to check their conscience at the door, to enter the health care profession,” Rienzi said.

Actually, you do need to check your nonsensical beliefs when you’re part of the medical profession, buddy. What’s next; someone refusing to perform surgery because the patient is gay? Religious faith has no fucking business in medicine, and access to contraception is a vital health service that has nothing to do with people’s religious convictions. Let’s hope the state attorney has some success fighting this bullshit, otherwise I might advise every young woman from that state to pack your bags and get ready to move somewhere that isn’t still living in the 19th century.

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    Cameron F

    Perhaps I should convert to Jehovah’s Witness’ and become a blood transfusion technician and then move to Illinois. If they fire me for not doing transfusions they are violating my rights. If they force me to do transfusions they are violating my rights. I could retire on that scheme.

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    Ryan Hemenway

    Well put cameron. If you allow people the choice not do their jobs you have to allow employers the right to fire them on those grounds.

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    “Did you know that of all the states in the Union, none played a bigger role in the birth of the nuclear age than Illinois?” I never knew that.

    Thanks for blogging about women’s issues. A lot of atheist blogs would never have picked up on this story.

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    Whenever I read an article about a doctor / pharmacist putting their nonsensical beliefs above the needs of their patients I’m always reminded of this Youtube video:

    The idea that giving someone a pill to prevent the implantation of a potentially fertilized egg is akin to an abortion is ludicrous. Not only that, if you feel that it is to the point that you don’t want to do your job then why the fuck did you become a doctor / pharmacist in the first place?

    And to have a judge put a person’s belief in fairy tales over the rights of the patient is simply unbelievable.

    I hope the person making the complaint appeals this decision and gets the pharmacist fired for refusing to dispense the requested medication! What’s next, anti-vaxers deciding they won’t sell you Dristan Nasal Mist because they contain trace amounts of mercury? (Trace amounts of mercury were commonly used in vaccinations to preserve them long enough to remain viable during shipping and use.)


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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Unreal. I hate the debate between pro-choice and right to life, a woman’s body is her own prerogative and her own damn business. Withholding the pill due to your beliefs, and not getting the pill when you believe you want it sounds screwed up to me. It’s my right to refuse but it’s your right to get the pill, hmmmm sounds like some fucked up double standard more so than human rights.

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    We’ve had this nonsense in the UK for a while now. A Muslim pharmacist refused to give out the morning after pill because it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Fine, so don’t become a fucking pharmacist!

    Story here:

    From that story, note that “the store manager … told her they couldn’t force the pharmacist to sell the product.” Why do they sell it then? Should the customer come back when that Muslim pharmacist isn’t on duty? What a pathetic state of affairs.

    From now on, should Christian bus drivers refuse to carry gay passengers? Should Catholic supermarket workers refuse to show someone to the health aisle where they can buy condoms?

    All humans are supposed to be equal, but religious fucknuggets seem to want to be more equal than everyone else.

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