Interview with Jessica Ahlquist

Yesterday I posted a video of Jessica and her fight with Cranston West High School in Rhode Island over a prayer banner she sued to have removed. I thought she was so brave for doing this she deserved to have her interview posted, especially after I noticed that it only received 30 views so far. Surely we can do better, people!

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    The Big Blue Frog

    This girl is amazing. They say that some are born into greatness, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. She got the short end of the thrust, but she’s dealing with it admirably.

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    The wheels sort of came off towards the end. She was doing so well, but then all of a sudden “religion has no place in the world.”

    Definitely not something you want to say in this situation.

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    wtf.. and she’s sueing for injuries suffered in loss of her rights… yet she forgot about it like 5 times and didn’t even think or care.. right.. what is this america? why why are you indulging in this and wasting court time on this? this is why we are dying.. that court money should have been donated to help the world not wasted on this.. this is stupid beyond belief

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    This is really sad.. she is just loving the attention and clearly restated that she was somehow offended that a higher power was addressed when she doesn’t believe in one.. big deal.. now she wants to get paid because she saw it on the wall forgot about it a few times and then realized that our courts are totally F***** up and that she might be able to take advantage and sue the school.. unbelievable.. her rights weren’t violated because she saw a banner with a good meaning that was in the form of the prayer.. in no way does asking for strength demean the ability to have it on your own that is a bull**** extrapolation/stretch.. probably canned by a conniving attorney.. why does any mention of God always get defined as “church” I doubt that’s what the letter thomas jefferson was addressing in his vague wording.. more like to avoid dark ages again specific churchs shouldn’t be controlled by government and be involved in it.

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    I don’t understand why we wouldn’t all support a fellow atheist who has the courage to stand up to religion and not just sit and take it like half the atheists I know. I don’t know how many of you are still in high school, but let me just say it is a religious hell hole and I comment this girl for going through this. I’m really surprised that people on this website are fighting this, actually. How dare she, an atheist, fight to take prayer out of school. Attention whore, really? I’m sure she loves being mocked and ridiculed and teased for all this. I’m sure that’s the “attention” she craves. We’re taking steps backward, people. I don’t care, I support her whole heartedly.

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    I know this is old but I really can’t believe some of the responses to this. I expected more from you guys.

    The negative reviews above are perfect example of how even atheists can be ignorant and open their mouths before they know what the fuck they’re talking about.

    Btw, she’s totally right. Religion has no place in the world.

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