Mike Huckabee is a nutjob

Behind his easy smile and non-threatening demeanor, Mike Huckabee is the worst kind of politician: he believes the Constitution should be amended to better “reflect” his own Biblical values. He sees religion as a primary source of both law and morality, and he even believes only those with a “Biblical world-view” should be governing:

He said that the kind of “Biblical worldview” taught at SCS [Statesville Christian School] was in the direction of unmitigated equality.
“I’d love the world to be lead by people who have a Biblical worldview,” he said.
“Wouldn’t it be an exciting thing to have leaders who believe all of us are equal?” he later asked.

Would this be the same “equality” that justified slavery for so many centuries? I wonder. In any case, his notion that leaders who have faith in the Bible would somehow hold hands and sing “kumbaya” is a joke: how many countries have gone to war over their own interpretations of the “good book”?

Huckabee also said when he grew up (in the town  of Hope, Ark., in the late 1950s and 1960s), folks were more open about their faith

During the 1950’s and 60’s, his Baptist brethren were still lynching black people and making them drink from separate water fountains. If anyone should have been ashamed of their beliefs, it should have been them.

Huckabee said part of such a worldview as is taught at Statesville Christian is the idea of absolutism that rejects moral objectivism and stipulates that some things “are always right” and others “are always wrong”.

Well, here’s a simple test of morality: if there is always an absolute right and an absolute wrong, then how would his great-grandparents feel about slavery being abolished? Why did our collective attitude about this “time honored” practice change if morality is absolute?

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    If all politicians were religious and shared this “Biblical Worldview” I think that would pretty much spell the end of humanity, it would certainly destroy any intellectual, cultural, or basic freedoms that we enjoy today. I can only imagine what the world would be like, it’s a scary enough place as it is.

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    Michael Beares

    I am ashamed to say, I live in Arkansas and once thought he was a decent guy. Then I saw him on Fox News one too many times, and realized differently.

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    He also made a very off-color joke about how people should be held at gunpoint and be made to listen to his favorite commenter.

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    Out of all the scary batshit on the right, he frightens me the most. He goes on the Daily Show, coming across as so reasonable and friendly that his demeanor hides what he’s actually saying. He was on there last night and John tried to call him out on the weird crap he says to the Republican base, but Huckabee deflected it easily. That is some scary crap.

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