Catholic Church fights against statute of limitation for sex abuse

Is anyone really surprised by this headline? Considering the fact that the Catholic Church has always exploited the fact there exists a statute of limitation for child rape, it’s really no surprise they are fighting a number of bills that would eliminate this convenient legal loophole. What worried them the most is the fact that victims could now sue offending priests retroactively, and this has the Church shitting bricks.

Michael C. Culhane, spokesman for the Connecticut Catholic Conference, testified last year that changing the rules retroactively was not fair. “We therefore request that any changes be prospective and not have any retrospective effect,” Culhane said in 2010.

So not fair! Think about all those molesters that could be brought to justice after they were so careful not to get caught in the time alloted. It’s almost like giving someone a cookie and then taking it away before they get to take a bite. Oh the humanity!

Bye asked Culhane why no other institution, beyond the church, had any problem with the bill. Culhane said he did not know why.

I think I can venture a guess: the systematic cover-up on every level of the church would make many high ranking officials also culpable of these crimes. It’s more than just the abuse going on: it’s also the effort of the Church to shield these evil men from prosecution, and this is what the Church fears.

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    Patrick O’Malley

    I used to be a Catholic, and I really feel like such a fool.

    They raped over 10,000 children in the US alone, they covered it up, and they moved priests to rape others. They lie and hide the truth just to save money.

    What a reprehensible institution. Now I’m looking for guidance from anyone, and a good atheist sounds as good as anyone.

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    Um… I hate to be a grammar nazi, but your headline makes it sound as if the church is against the statute of limitation, not fighting for it…

    That said… yeah, no kidding they’re gonna fight this. That any institution would fight this kind of legal change which would help victims of sexual assault and abuse see their abusers brought to justice is abhorrent. That they’re doing it as part of cover-up (that isn’t so covered up anymore) just makes the whole thing worse. I hope whatever legislators are working on these bills ignore the opposition and push them through. Separation of church and state exists for a reason, and this is a perfect example of why.

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