20 year old bigot thinks he speaks for God

Don’t you just love how Christians, convinced they are humble and meek, claim to speak for God? Even if such an entity did exist, why does this 20 year old dummy think he’s qualified to speak on “his” behalf? How is that not the height of arrogance?

“God makes Kings, and the rules by which they govern”. Hey kid, we actually rejected the notion of kings for the stifling, freedom killing bastards they were. Of course, if it was up to you and your buddies, we’d still be living under the yoke of dictators, albeit celestial ones.

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    Riz S

    The stupid.. it hurts my head.

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    I almost feel sorry him.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    I always find it insulting how religious people, who base fact on fiction, can speak with such certainty about some of the most complex questions we could ever ask as a species. It’s almost patronizing.

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    Jeffrey Jones

    I find it amusing that the testimony of a guy raised by two women was banned from Youtube from Violating TOS.


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    Methinks thou dost protest too much.

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    I don’t hate many things, but I’ll reserve a special spot on my list to this egregiously idiotic religious prick.

    I don’t believe in YOUR god, so keep YOUR religious ideas to YOURSELF.

    Your religious beliefs are not to be applied to all of mankind. If they are, then the religious (and non-religious) beliefs of everyone else should apply equally. This is freedom of and from religion.

    If you convince people to vote against this based on the 2000-year old words of some desert-dwelling camel fuckers, then you must also explain why your silly little book holds priority above any other book, holy or not. Please do so without referring to the words in the book itself, as religious dunderheads have a tendency to claim it’s true because it says it’s true.

    *runs off to have a beer*

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    He’th Dethpicable!

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    Michael Beares

    I loved seeing people walk out as he started.

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    Michael Beares

    @Jeffrey Jones actually when i watched the bigot the linked video at the end was the guy with the two women as parent and damn he was charismatic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSQQK2Vuf9Q

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    that zach walls kid will be a serial killer in 10 years, book it. what the hell is going on in iowa?

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    Um, GoldenArms, Zach Wahls is the child of lesbian parents that lobbied the Iowa house not to accept Resolution 6. I assume you refer to the mad man above as being the future serial killer.

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