Louis Theroux revisits the Westboro Baptist Church

It seems as though the Westboro Baptist Church is breaking apart at the seams, as the cruel and twisted patriarch’s power is beginning to wane. Louis Theroux decided to repay them a visit, and it’s enlightening to say the least.

My favorite moment is when they try to spin the exodus of family members as a good thing. Yeah, typically when a lot of people are leaving your organization, it’s a positive sign, Shirley!

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    What I liked is when they blamed the parents of those that don’t follow them for “raising them for Satan”, and saying they are bad parents.

    Er… didn’t a load of their kids leave the church and “follow the ways of Satan”? Doesn’t that make them wicked, evil and bad parents by their own standards?

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    Jacob Fortin


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    Michael Beares

    It was interesting to see the young boys out protesting show a glimmer of doubt for a moment when asked about ever having rebelious thoughts. Also with the statement of them starting to think one way and pray god keeps them on the path instead.

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    Seems that an awful lot of the tripe that everyone in that family spouts is very well rehearsed. You could definitely tell that some of them didn’t believe that crap, but had been brought up to believe it, and to parrot it out on demand. Sad.

    Also, the crud they spew has no actual meaning anyway. There’s an awful lot of nonsense in there about standards and grace. What is “God’s grace” anyway? Seems like their god is a complete bastard. I wouldn’t want its grace.

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    At least it’s refreshing to see these people admitting to worship such a bitter, petty minded, oafish god – they don’t make any excuses for him. The hardest part for me though is how do they (or why would they) actually trust a diety of this sort?

    Two questions though; first, they believe they’re going to be “exiled” to Israel once they lose this court case – that’s extremely unlikely, be interested to hear how they explain that one away.

    Secondly, I had the distinct feeling they believe Christ’s 2nd coming will arrive before the old man dies – can’t be much more life left in him, what happens then?

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    I wonder that if someone shot one of the members of the congregation whether a) they would call an ambulance and the cops or b) do nothing but praise Yahweh for his wise decision.

    Now that’s a test of faith I’d be interested to see.

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    Will Rodbourne

    I’m waiting for the backtracking they’ll have to do after Obama’s reign ends only 5 (or maybe 10) years into the 1,000 year reign of the antichrist they suppose him to be.

    And of course how they’ll explain away why they didn’t go to Israel and convert 100,000 jews..

    But what made me lol the most of all was Fred Phelps delivering his sermon – he’s fast becoming a parody of himself!

    However this was somewhat overshadowed by the sadness I felt at seeing them ostracize their own daughter – their ‘church’ is a cult as bad any other.

    But to end on a light note – did anyone else see the sign held by one of the counter-demonstrators that read “TITS or GTFO!”? xD

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    The cognitive dissonance on display here is almost impressive. “Everyone else is a sinner, sinners hate us, we must be doing something right.” Fortunetly at least some of the younger folk seem to be rejecting all that hate and vitriol.

    What was with that dude from San Francisco who wanted to join the church? Who sees these horrible people in the media and says, “Yup, that’s where I belong!”

    As opposed to getting angry and yelling at them, the counter protest folks should hook up some speakers, start pumping out the James Brown and have a dance party in the streets. Fuck those hateful asshats, life’s to short not to be having fun.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    These guys are right up their with the Manson family on a disturbing scale, such blind faith and ugly violent ideals. Makes me sad.

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    2:30 into the fourth part. Great signs by the “opposing group”…for lack of better words.

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    see saw

    —Of course Westboro should be kept back away
    from the funerals, but beyond that, what can we say?
    They have their right, but just back further.

    FACT IS whatever we think of the Phelpses, they
    are self-made, scripturally grounded, and apparently

    Meanwhile, Theroux, son of high profile establishsment
    types, has spent his entire career promoting the agenda of the state run, elite propaganda arm —BBC.

    Time for him to drop the one not Harry Potter pose,
    leave the Beeb, and turn those cameras on the belief
    system of his own ‘hidden masters’ —EUGENICS.

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    See Saw


    Even as we write the BBC and corporate world
    media generally are deliberately covering up
    the greatest world nuclear disaster in history


    ———-THINK ‘population reduction op’ (ie genocide).


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