TGA Podcast: Episode 129

This week, Ryan and I talk about Ray Comfort’s appearance on the Atheist Experience podcast (and the loads of discussion material that generates), and we also talk about the Vatican crying to the UN about discrimination. you sure you can handle this podcast?

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    I can so relate to the cat bit. I had a cat: lazy, fat mean, just an all around asshole. He lived for a good 10 years I think, but man was he a pain in the ass.

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    Nathan Reese

    Love the podcast, I just joined tonight so I have some catching up to do on the bonus podcasts.

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard this song by Frank Turner, “Glory Hallelujah”, but it’s probably the greatest atheist song I’ve ever heard.(Don’t be turned off by the name).

    I think this could be a sort of atheist anthem, and I think you should try to get him on the podcast.

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    Brittany Prince

    Hah darn you’ve figured me out. The sad truth is that I can’t compliment people unless I’m bribed to. x) Thanks a lot. Haha. Really, though, I meant it.

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