Anyone in Newark this Wednesday with some time to kill?

I’m headed back to North America in 3 days, and when my plane lands in Newark Airport on Wednesday afternoon, I have a 12 hour layover before my flight leaves for Calgary. That means I have almost half a day to sit around and do absolutely nothing. If any fans are in Newark on Wednesday and feel like hanging out near the airport, let me know. I’m not exactly looking forward to that particular traveling ordeal.

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    Reverned Clint

    you might try Frick over at fightlinker, I believe he is of NJ decent

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    Sorry, get it rerouted to Logan in Boston and I could help ya out.

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    You’re coming to Calgary? I live there!

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    Why not make Phoenix your connection? There are tons of Canadians here! And so am I!

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    Canadian Secularist

    I’m catching a connector in Newark Wednesday at 8:25pm, but I don’t think I have much time between flights. Otherwise, it would have been great to shoot the shit over a few beers.

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    Canadian Secularist

    My flight from Charleston lands in Newark at 6:55pm and my connecting flight to Toronto doesn’t take off until 8:25pm at gate A12.

    Where will you be? I wouldn’t mind at least saying hi (and maybe sneaking in a quick beer) if I have some time. I’ll be the 6ft bald guy wearing blue jeans and a purple/pink vertical stripped top (believe me, it’s no where near as gay as it sounds) and brown leather jacket.

    Shoot me an email at (or if you want to discuss anything in further detail.

    Hopefully we’ll get a chance to run into each other.

    Man, waiting 13 hours at the airport blows!!!


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    Jacob Fortin

    Well, I’m there from 5pm until 6am, so if you find me in the airport, don’t be afraid to come say hello. I’ll be the dude in the beige pants, blue shirt, and gigantic eyebrows.

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