What a waste of time

Alabama continues its campaign of stupidity by declaring March 25th a “Day of Prayer over Students Across Alabama”. You might recall that the governor of the state, a man named Robert Bentley, was the man who declared that:

“…anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother”

This is the same state that has introduced, on a number of occasions, a bit of legislation called the  “Academic Freedom Bill“, right around the time when this day was officially dedicated to talking to one’s invisible friend. This impressive sounding bill (all terrible bills have great names) was designed to try and introduce creationism in schools, but luckily, the last time they tried in 2009, it died in committee.

“We are very encouraged by the Governor’s proclamation. While we know that many adults will want to have corporate prayer opportunities we know that this is not the real success of this emphasis. The real success of this special day will be in the home. Our hope is that people will start a new habit in their home, community or church of consistently lifting up the needs of today’s students,” said First Priority Greater Birmingham president Greg Davis.

I find it deeply ironic that the government who is working so diligently to make their own children completely ignorant of real science have devoted a day of prayer for them. Why don’t you quit wasting your time with nonsense and actually NOT try and sabotage their education for a change?

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    If THEY would only stay out of politics and just pray, I would not have a problem with religion. But even they know it don’t really work and must do somethin else.

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    Alabama is one of the few states named after the indigenous people who lived there in the first place, at this point the US should just cut its losses and hand it back. Granted there are only about 500 Albaamaha left, but I’m pretty sure they would do a better job of running the place.

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    Wow Bentley, nothing like folding your hands, bowing your head, and not actually doing anything for students. With activism like that, who needs social issues in schools? It even has a pretty vector logo. How multimedia of them, thinking about marketing first and actual people last. The republicans sure is right; big ol’ gub-mint don’t work!

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    i’m guessing by commity you mean committee?

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    The Big Blue Frog

    Yes, we have once again elected a Southern Baptist preacher to be our governor. I don’t understand it. The last one was finally indicted for embezzlement or something like that. This one thinks he’s the Protestant Pope.

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